What does yoga and chiropractic care have in common? More than you might think.

Together, they reduce stress and blood sugar levels, increase your flexibility, endurance, and balance, and they strengthen joints and muscles. Chiropractic care also improves your nervous system function, corrects body misalignments, and helps to promote better joint mobility. Here’s how yoga helps contribute to this wellbeing.

Joint and Ligament Strength

A workout at the gym often targets muscle groups, bit it leaves joints and ligaments untouched. Yoga helps you to focus on all the muscles in your body – especially the smaller muscle groups. With greater strength gained in these lesser areas, you create less work for your large muscle groups – and you gain better balance.

This can help to prevent injury and even reduce recovery time if you are injured. Yoga is a philosophy as well as exercise. It focuses on promoting strength from head to toe. You’ll get even better results when you add chiropractic care to the mix.

Promotes Healing

We all want to recover from an injury as quickly as possible. Yoga helps to increase the body’s flexibility and range of motion. This helps your chiropractor when it’s time to work on a misalignment. You’ll respond to chiropractic care faster. It’s especially helpful if you suffer from back, joint, or hip pain.

Prevents Further Injury

Both chiropractic care and yoga keep the body aligned and promote balance. The stretching in yoga helps to relieve tense muscles, which helps to ensure proper joint operation. This physical action makes your body less susceptible to injuries. It’s a proactive approach to health and wellbeing, and it’s at the core of the philosophy of chiropractic care.

Teaches You to Care About Your Body

Yoga – done correctly – teaches you how your body’s muscles and joints work. Your chiropractor can help you with this education. By increasing your knowledge and awareness of how your body is supposed to feel and work, you move toward better posture and greater overall body function.

This is in alignment with the specific type of chiropractic care practiced by Family Health Trust. We don’t just treat your symptoms. We search for the cause. Your treatment begins with a complete structural analysis. We will find the areas of spinal misalignment. There is still no better and more precise tool than the X-ray. We use it to detect and precisely measure misalignment. We determine your course of treatment this way.

Medical science requires proof a return to wellness. We provide measurable results with a post X-ray analysis. We’ll show you how much we have improved the function and structure of your spine.