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The spine is your body’s communication link to your brain. Physical pain is its way of telling us that something’s not aligned. We often ignore the symptoms. Headaches. The aching back and shoulder pain of a desk job. Uneven wear on the heels of your shoes. Joint pain, or numbness in your arms or legs.
Visit us if you experience these symptoms. We can check you for spinal misalignments and see if we can help you with your health concerns.


The MyoVision Exam

Improving your wellness through state-of-the-art healthcare technology.

What is the MyoVision Exam?
MyoVision utilizes technology similar to the EKG. Instead of measuring heart muscle patterns, we measure the muscular compensation about the spine. The MyoVision exam is an electronic form of palpation, providing an objective means of quantifying an important measure of spinal health. The exam takes only a couple of minutes.

Is it painful?
Not at all. It is non-invasive and does not cause pain or irritation. It simply requires the placement of small electrodes against the skin.

Why is muscle activity important?
Muscles compensate for pain and/or spinal subluxation by tensing up to brace and guard. The MyoVision objectively documents this pattern of muscular guarding, establishing need for care and tracking progress over time.

Why do we use MyoVision at Family Health Trust?
We utilize the MyoVision data to evaluate and track your progress over time. If you are injured or in an accident, or experiencing pain, the data helps us to objectively determine your care plan to ensure you receive the best care possible.