They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but it can be possible to judge certain facets of a person’s health by their hair. Science has shown us there’s a deep connection between the condition of our hair and the condition of our body.

What’s at the foundation of this connection? Your hair’s microcirculation is dependent on hormones and nutrition. So if it’s not looking good, it can mean that something’s out of balance. Here’s what your hair might be telling you.

It’s Falling Out

We all shed hair. It’s a natural process. Men tend to notice it because it’s part of maturity, and it’s likely a genetic factor. If it’s not because of the balding process, however, you might have a concern on your hands.

We tend to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. That’s natural. But if you brush or comb your hair and see clumps – especially if you’re a female – you may have an iron deficiency. Check with a professional hairdresser first. They may advise you to seek a medical professional, who can orer a blood test to determine if you have an iron deficiency.

Your Scalp is Dry and Itchy

If an occasional application of hair conditioner doesn’t seem to be helping, it might be time to look at an underlying cause. An itchy scalp for both men and women can point to low sebum levels. This may indicate a medical skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema.

Rough Hair or Split Ends

Guys usually aren’t that concerned about it, but some women are not amused to discover split ends. The majority of this is caused by heat or blow drying, so it’s something you’ll want to discuss with your hair care professional.

Both sexes might have something to worry about if you notice that your hair has become rough, along with those split ends. Hair texture naturally changes over time, and it’s associated with changes in our hormone levels. If you discover that your hair quickly changes texture, becoming brittle and rough, you may want to seek out advice from a healthcare professional. They can study a hair sample and decide if you should undergo further testing for a hormonal imbalance.

Dull hair may also be a result of your not-so-healthy diet. If your glossy hair loses its sheen, you may be witnessing the results of eating too many processed foods. These foods can increase the cortisol levels in your body.

You don’t have to be suffering from lower back pain to find a welcome path back to good health. Chiropractors are concerned about your health overall, which means they’re going to pay attention to you if you tell them you’ve noticed a change in your hair. Visit us and let’s talk about what your hair can tell us about your wellbeing.