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by Cassandra on Blank Business Name

Pain is gone! My lower back pain and hip pain is gone. My knee pain has been greatly reduced. And I am no longer having such a problem with muscle spasms. In addition, his comprehensive intake process led to discovery of cervical spine abnormalities that needed to be addressed. With this care, my headaches have decreased. Great focused care and prevention. Thank you, Dr. Cole!

by John McGowan on Blank Business Name

I can't say enough about how much Dr. Cole has helped me get back to normal! I was in such discomfort with a diagnosed herniated disk in my neck. An orthopedic doctor I saw suggested neck surgery. Fortunately I heard about the docs at Family Health Trust Chiropractic (I was referred by a friend) and life has been better ever since! No surgery needed for THIS neck! Thanks Dr. Cole!

by David Saatzer on Blank Business Name

I found Kelly in 1989, after turning down Surgery offers and 3 other chiropractors, what a blessing. Kelly told me the facts, herniated disc ok but when will I be back to normal. He said it depends on you. I followed the Doc's orders and well... I regularly visit for a tune up, just like my oil changes every 3,000- 5,000 miles. Kelly even connected me with the right chiropractor when on a trip when I over did it. Now it is 2017 and looking forward to a tune up on Saturday morning my typical available time. Saturdays wow now that is sweet. Like I said best of the BEST!

by Jeanne from Minnesota on Blank Business Name

The back pain is gone. I no longer take Aleve. I have resumed my normal workout and exercise programs without pain. The congestion and cough in my chest is gone. The numb feeling in my face is gone. There are mornings when it is somewhat numb, but when I am up and active for a few hours it appears to clear up. I am still struggling with dizzy spells, a post nasal drip and now and then tightness and pain in my upper back.

by Sara from Minnesota on Blank Business Name

I’ve been bringing my 9 month old daughter, to Dr. Sheehan now for 3 weeks. Before she had been receiving his care, her sleep habits were very irregular and for short periods of time. For the last consecutive weeks my daughter has been sleeping 12 hours straight through the night and has been sleeping several long naps throughout the day, something she has never done before. All in all, I have seen a much more content and happy baby since her treatments by Dr. Sheehan. Thank you!

by Karen from Minnesota on Blank Business Name

Since I started going to Dr. Sheehan I haven’t had ONE headache!! I have quit dragging my left foot, walking and my energy level has gone through the roof! Now when I get off work instead of being a “couch potato” I actually have the energy to do things! The headaches and hip pain have been gone since my first adjustment! Dr. Sheehan is a GODSEND! I never realized that a spine out of whack could cause so many effects.